E.M.S Program

The Border City Fire Department started it's EMS (Emergency Medical Services) program just a few years ago with just a select few EMT's (Emergency Medical Technicians) to run the EMS calls that Border City were dispatched to. 

Since then, the program has grown considerably including more EMS certified members with the certification of either CFR (Certified First Responder) or EMT. Because of the continous growth, and increased call  volume, the department was able to purchase a designated EMS vehicle also known as a fly car. 

Our first fly car was a used police vehicle from the Seneca County Sheriff's Department. Then in 2014, the department upgraded to a more state of the art Ford Explorer which is still in service today.

Today, Border City Fire Department also accepts EMS only members. The requirements of being an EMS only member are just about the same as a member of the Department including having to live within the Border City Fire District OR an adjoining district. Also, with the program you must have either Firefighter 1 or Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations (Formely Scene Support) because of the aspects of calls we do get as being an EMS services department also. The minimum age of an EMS member is 16 years old. 

We continue our effort to bring effective EMS services to the community through extensive training and expansion of the program. 

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